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ZCan Pharmacy is an independent  full-service pharmacy, offering niche services such as specialty compounding, pharmacogenetic testing,  other analytical testing. We stock a carefully selected range of traditional and natural products. We put the needs of our patients first and we pride ourselves on building personal relationships, providing professional service and being a true partner in your wellbeing. Visit us today for all your healthcare needs!


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At Zcan Pharmacy, we are striving to ensure the best services in terms of medication to the people suffering from various health issues. Our prime focus is on providing feasible remedies for patients who are facing the ill effects of diseases like asthma and COPD, diabetes, heart health and smoking cessation. To ensure complete relief to the people suffering from Asthma, we opt to implement both “quick relievers” as well as “controllers”, making the medication impactful for the people affected by asthma. In case of diabetes, there are a number of supplies we have at our disposal in the pharmacies, ranging from blood sugar monitors to insulin pump supplies. We also help in ensuring the best care for your heart health and ensure that it stays in its best condition by raising awareness about signs of stroke, blood pressure and weight control as well as understanding the impact of cholesterol. Last but not the least, we also help you to get rid of the deadly habit of smoking, which can lead to numerous diseases. It can be done via smoking cessation programs and personalised action plans.


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